Ok so I went on and made a blog…

… and here we are. Welcome.

This blog will feature all the tools I’m preparing for playing RPGs. They are suppose to be part of a single game, but they are totally modular and some even can be used with any other RPG you own. English is not my native language so let me apologize in advance for all the mistakes you’ll find here.

Right now I’m still making the layout of the ResouceFULL deck, the first of the tools I’m working on. This deck is a nice tool for improvising random scenes and adding twists to the story. Though is designed for the use of GMs, cards can also be given to players as rewards.

Next on the schedule will be the translation of the game that makes full use of this deck, basically adjusted for fantasy, like the deck itself. Some pals and I have also been working in a horror game with a deck that is still in development. This game focuses on the creation of urban myths, while players first try to find a logical answer to the strange situations that arise on they otherwise common lives, and then try to outrun the nightmare they have created, before it destroys their lives.

Well, I guess that’s it so far. I’ll post next some pics and further details about the deck. See ya!

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