Download the ResourceFULL deck.

Finally, the first version of the deck is here!:


This deck features 64 cards like these:

As you will find out when you print the deck, the words in red at the top of the image are the subject of the challenge. There are but 4 choices: an Object, a Place, a Monster and a Person. Whenever you want to frame a scene using this cards, the default way is to pick up three cards. Check the red word from the first card you draw: that’s the subject of the challenge.

Then, look at the other two cards and select one word from each of them. You may want to use the words on the sides of the image to desribe the monster, use the words on blue at the bottom of the image to add an emotion to the subject or scene, use the image to add elemental magic in the scene or describe natural elements in it, or use the words in the coloured triangle to give tactical advantages to either the subject of the challenge or to give tactical disadvantages to the players.

The phrases in the diagonal are twists. Use them when you want to add a twist to the situation or when you want to tell an epilogue to your story.

And of course, since this is supposed to be a tool for helping the players and GMs go wild on improvisation at the table or even when doing prep for the game, you can just follow your instincts, draw but one card and start from it, or draw as much as you want and alow them to tell you a story.

I’ve got to thank Joseph LeMay for helping me with the translation into english and everybody at Story Games for their ideas and support. Many, many thanks!

These cards are of course the first version of it. I’m already working in adaptations to specific games so if you have any idea that might help improve this system for one use or another, you’re welcome to comment here, look up for me at the Story Games forum (I’m there as Warriormonk) or write me at

Have Fun!

Paulo Rivas

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  1. Joseph LeMay

     /  25/04/2012

    Aw, thanks for the shoutout, Paulo, Anytime! Your cards are great, so thank YOU for doing the real work.

  2. bringerofpeace

     /  04/02/2013

    Wonderful deck, thanks!


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