Mission Generator for 3:16

If you haven’t ever played Gregor’s Hutton excellent game 3:16 Carnage amongst the stars this is a good moment to start. It was released on 2008 but it has become a classic among indie games. As soon as I readed the game it vas love at first sight, and I was reading and commenting every post at the Forge about it. There, a guy by the nick Aapov came up with a cool idea for a mission generator that I helped a to complete. And now so many many years later, thanks to Bastian Dornauf (A.K.A. CoveredInFish at the SG forums) you can finally enjoy for free the PDF version.

Of course, id doesn’t only works for 3:16 but for any game where the players characters are cannonfodder courageous soldiers. Enjoy!

3-16-briefing tables v4