Adapt, my entry for the Game Chef 2013

Adapt is a funny game about facing strange situations and keeping on with your life. Players will be the residents of a huge complex isolated from the world, that is still healing from the last enviromental catastrophy we provoked- But there’s good news! Today your faithful LittleBro, the computer that oversees the complex has put in operation the new Evolutionary Elevators (E2) to help you all evolve into something that can endure the outer conditions. Now all you have to do is make it through the day as usual… except that it won’t be the usual at all.

If you’ve got any questions about the game feel free to ask me about it at or look for warriormonk around the Story-Games forums

Here’s the Alpha Version!


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  1. mappamundorum

     /  28/05/2013

    Game Chef Review: Adapt

    Adapt is certainly a game that wears its influences on its sleeves: while not an Apocalypse World hack, it’s clearly a post-AW style design in which most of the rules drive the GM’s in-play behavior, and the setting is either strongly derivative of or a reinvention of Paranoia (although softened a lot by getting rid of the oppressive human-run bureaucracy that supported Friend Computer), with a little bit of Toon added where not completely redundant. Despite that, there is a lot of originality in setting and rules on display here, and the game has taken what looks at a glance like an impossible task-provide a rule-driven system to generate whimsy-and for the most part, succeeded.
    If you do develop this game further, I would strongly consider abandoning the contest ingredients. Their use as GM principles and moves works to make their presence felt in the game, but it also locked you into making those principles perhaps a bit more broad and general than they ought to be. The biggest hole in the game is in the “what should the characters be trying to do” area: what qualifies as a task, how to assign them, how to keep spotlight-time balanced. Also, making the game competitive as a ‘race to 10 tasks’, while it does give the game an ending, makes the players’ interests at odds in a way that is not strongly supported by the fiction. My feeling is that if you want the players to be generally in conflict with one another, the setting should more reflect that (which would undo some of the distance between your setting and that of Paranoia, unfortunately), or if you want the players to generally cooperate during play with mostly shared goals and large-scale tasks, you may want to switch to another way of ending the game.

    -Jeff R.

    • Great review, thanks a lot! Hmmm you’re right, I’m not too much into turning this back into Paranoia, but I don’t want to force players into cooperation either. I’ll playtest the 10 tasks mode and add later two optional endgame rules: winner Colonizer can bring whoever he/she wants into his/her team (so all who were nice to the player also win and there’s a chance the game becomes cooperative per player’s reaction and not by the rules) and make the 10 tasks more specific, complicated and require all players cooperation to be completed. Thanks again!

  2. I was picked to review this one too.

    It reminds me of Paranoia. It just does. The concept of being a clone in an environment where a sentient computer rules over all….Paranoia. I’m not sure if you’d take offense to that, but it is what it is. The good news is that I’m a fan of Paranoia.

    Here’s where things get a bit muddied. You set your concept in a manner that only applies to the GM. Now, that would be great in a GM Guide, to me, but your players are going to want to know how things work, in my opinion. Unless I’ve somehow misread all this, and you just intend it to be a story-driven sort of thing, which might work, some sort of documentation for players I feel would be a good idea.

    Good luck in the competition!

    • Thanks a lot! Well, it’s like a mix of Paranoia and Ryuutama as I wrote -in Praxis I think- so I should had put that in the game text somewhere. The character sheet has (or should have) mostly all the things players need to know to play the game, so I’m gonna check it twice and make it more explicit. Good luck with your game too!


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