Setting Brainstorming Sheet!

Setting Brainstorming Sheet

This aid is meant to help the players and the Narrator to build the setting of the game together as well as getting to the same page in respect to some of each others expectations. It’s basically a cheat-sheet for the Cooperative Worldbuilding Tool you can find here.

It includes a new trick too: to handle Fronts (that stands for all kind of plot-relevant organisations such as a guild of thieves, a kingdom, a company, a ship, etc) you just roll 6d6 and list those numbers as the Front stats, or place the dice over the hexagons in any order you want. This can help the narrator get a mental image of the state of the Front and their current agenda. If their offensive power is low, it means they probably just lost some members in an ambush or failed assault and next they will be recruiting new ones or promoting others to this position. High offensive power will mean they are probably ready to make an assault on their opponents, specially if their economy is low.

Too low internal order means the head of the organisation is probably about to change or that the new direction is having problems to consolidate their position. Any movement they try while on low information is due to fail or at least be more difficult than anticipated. Education here stands more for how much educated is the average member of the front, meaning if they are just fanatical puppets or accomplished masters of their craft. And so on, taking a look and comparing values should be enough to spark some ideas in your mind for next session’s prep.

Also, the current plan in each Front agenda will have several steps from preparation to execution and dealing with the aftermath. Which means these plans could be stalled or stopped. Only thing you need to know by now is in which stage they may be, so you can come up with a proper state of their affairs.

At the end of an arch or after an important event it would make sense for one or more of this values to go higher or lower, or even be re-rolled. On top of that players might want to spend XP to help foster those changes. I listed 10xp using my own game as a basis, but this value can be changed to make sense for your game.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. by Paulo Rivas López, so you’re free to use, fix and remix to your heart’s content -even for commercial purposes- as long as you mention me in the credits. Thanks and have fun!

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